Custom Fitted Mouthguards and Night Guards/Splints


At Sandstone Point Dental, we are serious about looking after teeth, and this extends to preventing traumatic events that can result in tooth damage, or in the worst case scenario, tooth loss.

To prevent this, a custom-fitted mouthguard should always be worn for any contact sport, regardless of age or skill level.

A custom-fitted mouthguard will provide you with the protection you need against any knocks or bumps that can result in more costly treatment in the future.

Please see what the Australian Dental Association has to say about custom-fitted mouthguards at:

Tooth Wear

Long term clenching or grinding can lead to wear and tear of your teeth, and if left for long enough, lead to cracked teeth. Cracked teeth in turn can lead to costly dental procedures such as root canal treatment and crowns. In some severe cases, cracked teeth can lead to tooth removal, which means the remaining teeth are taking even more forces during clenching or grinding.

An occlusal splint (or “night guard”) is a removable appliance that is worn during the night (while you sleep) to protect your teeth from nocturnal clenching or grinding.

An occlusal splint or night guard is worn at night and decreases the amount of pressure placed on your teeth, and protects your teeth from long-term damage.