Emergency Dentistry in Caboolture

We use our mouth and teeth constantly to talk, eat and drink. Tooth related pain can prevent you from eating the foods you enjoy because you end up trying to protect the painful tooth. Pain from teeth range from sensitivity to hot or cold that lasts for seconds all the way to a toothache that lasts for hours and can interrupt your sleeping. In addition, pain from teeth can be referred to other nearby teeth and to the muscles and soft tissues of the face.  This makes toothaches very difficult to ignore. 

At Sandstone Point Dental we understand how uncomfortable a toothache can be, and we try our best to find the closest appointment we can. During these appointments, we will endeavour get you out of pain in the first appointment, and formulate a plan with you so you know exactly what needs to be done, how much it will cost and how many appointments are necessary.

Please call Sandstone Point Dental on (07)5429 5628 if you have a toothache. We look forward to seeing you, and relieving you from pain soon