At Sandstone Point Dental, we treat every patient like we would treat ourselves, and will always explain every treatment option and dental procedure in depth.

We only use the highest quality dental filling materials and are committed to performing the best dentistry we can for every single patient.

While some dentists may still use silver Amalgam fillings, we have decided to only place white, mercury free fillings at Sandstone Point Dental. White fillings don’t require as much tooth structure to be removed as the older Amalgam fillings, and therefore result in a less invasive, and more comfortable procedure. They are also becoming more popular due to their natural tooth like appearance. At Sandstone Point Dental, we will strive to blend every filling in with your natural teeth to maintain or recreate a natural looking smile for you!

White fillings can be used to fill new cavities, repair broken or chipped teeth, replace old silver Amalgam fillings and to help close gaps between teeth.