Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable plates that are made to replace missing teeth.

They are usually categorised into two groups:

– Full Dentures (to replace all teeth in the respective upper or lower jaw)

– Partial Dentures (to replace some teeth in the respective upper or lower jaw)

At Sandstone Point Dental, we are dedicated to making your dentures as naturally looking and as comfortable as possible. Our dentists will always match the colour of your denture teeth to your remaining natural teeth and will include you in the treatment every step of the way.

We use only local Australian labs, so you can be sure that your denture teeth are of the highest quality.

We also offer “immediate dentures” which can be either full or partial dentures. An immediate denture means that immediately after the removal of a patient’s teeth, the tailor made denture is inserted. This ensures that our patients don’t have to go a single day, or even a single hour, without teeth.

Many of our patients either work in jobs where their appearance is paramount, or simply live social lives where their appearance is on display. We at Sandstone Point Dental want to ensure that you can continue with your everyday lives with minimal delay.