Preventative Dentistry Services in Caboolture

At Sandstone Point Dental, our focus is on prevention. Dental issues don’t always cause symptoms, and many people in the local community may be unaware of urgent dental issues in their mouth.

Being Sandstone Point’s local dentist, we have the long-term goal of lowering the decay rate within the community. This will be achieved through excellent communication and educating all of our patients about good oral hygiene practices. We take our time with all of our patients, and don’t treat anyone like a number. Every person is different, and as such, a tailored oral hygiene and maintenance plan will be given to each of our patients specific to their needs.

Our dentists will also perform preventative procedures to help reduce the risk of oral disease (such as tooth decay and gum disease) in your mouth.

Alongside your good oral hygiene measures (brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day), our dentists will perform thorough cleans of your teeth and gums periodically to help prevent dental decay and irreversible gum disease.

At Sandstone Point Dental, we are dedicated to providing healthy smiles for life, and as such, we will place you on a regular preventative program to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Regular check-up and cleans are required to detect oral diseases when they are minor, resulting in less invasive and less costly procedures in the future.

We also understand life is busy, so we will send you reminders (either via text message, phone call, postcard or email) to ensure your teeth and gums are looked after by our team of friendly dentists every six months!