Tooth Removal

At Sandstone Point Dental, we will always attempt to save your tooth, but there are unfortunately instances where a tooth may need to be removed.

Tooth removal may be required where there is extensive decay in the tooth (where root canal treatment cannot be completed), bony infections persisting underneath and around the tooth, cracks running deep within a tooth, severe gum disease, extra teeth, in preparation for orthodontic work (braces) or for impacted teeth (such as wisdom teeth).

Our dentists are trained in the quick and relatively painless extraction of teeth. For all our procedures, and especially with tooth removal, we use topical numbing gel before we insert the local anesthesia to further minimize discomfort. We will also not start any procedure until we are sure you are numb.

The gentle team at Sandstone Point Dental will be there to ensure that you are looked after before, during and after the procedure. If you require follow up care, our friendly staff can organize to give you a phone call, or our dentists can review the area to make sure you are healing well, and to discuss what options are available to you to fill the space (if you wish).

As a general rule, teeth can be more difficult to remove when they are heavily decayed or causing constant pain, so we suggest all of our patients to come in for six monthly check up and cleans, or to come in as soon as possible when they notice dental issues. This will result in cheaper treatment and if a tooth is to be unfortunately removed, a more simple and cost-effective extraction procedure and faster post-operative healing.