Wisdom Teeth Extraction Provided in Caboolture

Wisdom teeth cause many problems when they start erupting through the gumline. Often they become impacted (where they get completely stuck under the gums, pushing against the teeth that sit in front of them) or partially impacted (where some of the tooth “pokes” through the gum, while the majority of the tooth gets stuck underneath the gum). These two scenario’s may lead to wisdom teeth having to be removed to either stop the persistent occurrence of swellings and infections, or to help protect the adjacent teeth from long term damage.

Wisdom teeth usually erupt in the late teens to mid 20s, and often they can cause pain while they are erupting through the gums. At Sandstone Point Dental, wisdom teeth extractions are performed regularly for patients from all around the Moreton Bay Region.

We have the latest digital x-ray machines to help diagnose any wisdom teeth issues before they cause you pain or crowding issues.

Our In-house OPG Machine will eliminate the need to have a whole mouth x-ray done externally at a radiation clinic, so we can focus on addressing any wisdom tooth issue at hand on the day if applicable. This means less time in pain, and it will reduce the number of individual consultation and treatment appointments required.

Many dentists will refer their patients to oral surgeons to get their wisdom teeth taken out under a general anaesthetic (where you are put to sleep) as they may not have the training or expertise to conduct safe wisdom tooth extractions under a simple local anaesthetic in the dental chair.

While having wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic is sometimes indicated in severe circumstances, often having wisdom teeth taken out by a skilled dentist in the chair will result in lower costs as there are no private hospital or anaesthetist fees required.

At Sandstone Point Dental, we offer diagnosis of wisdom tooth issues and will be happy to discuss all options with you. Once a month we have a wisdom tooth extraction expert visit the clinic to help remove the more difficult wisdom teeth.

Please call us on (07)5429 5628 if you have any concerns regarding your wisdom teeth.