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Pregnancy, your teeth and your baby - what you should know

As we are all aware, many changes occur during pregnancy. Not only to your lifestyle, but to your body, health and well-being too – so we are told. I had many mums tell me this over the years. However, the reality of that never truly hit until I became pregnant myself.

I’ve been a Dental Receptionist for 4 years now, consistently surrounded by dentists and their knowledge. When I was pregnant with my now 8-month-old son, I was kindly warned about oral health during pregnancy, especially seeing as I had braces.

Yet with all the dental influence around me, I really wasn’t prepared for the changes in my mouth ...

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Five dental health tips for parents of young kids

We all know that being a parent to young kids is a full time job. While you’re busy looking after your loved ones, your health tends to take the back seat. So when you’re sleep deprived and short on time what can you do to take care of your teeth? You can start by using the limited time that you have wisely.

Since mornings with young kids are usually a mad rush and finding a couple of minutes ...

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Things I wish everyone knew about looking after their smile while travelling

There’s only one thing that’s worse than a toothache - and that’s a toothache while you’re on holiday. That’s why it is important to make sure that you pack well for your trip and make sure that you take some time to look after your dental health.

When travelling overseas it’s easy to go longer than 12 hours without brushing. So it’s good to have a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss handy. However, with the limitations for liquids, ...

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